The New Mutants Star Says There Weren't Any Reshoots or Rewrites

There are a lot of questions about what will be the final X-Men movie in the franchise from 20th Century Fox, as the series is set to be rebooted under the banner of Marvel Studios in the future. And after numerous lengthy delays, fans will finally get to see The New Mutants when it premieres in theaters in just a few months. But there were tons of rumors surrounding the release of the X-Men spinoff, including reports of lengthy reshoots and rewrites to "make the film scarier." But now it appears that version of The New Mutants premiering in theaters is the one that director Josh Boone always intended.

Actress Alice Braga, who plays Dr. Cecilia Reyes in the film, recently spoke about the film's delay and said there weren't any major reshoots or rewrites that took place on set.

"Josh [Boone] prepared so much, him and [screenwriter Knate Lee], beforehand, about the script and all that, so there's not much rewrites happening," Braga explained to ScreenRant. "Like, there's more creating the environment on set and the energy on set. The location is so amazing, they shot Shutter Island here, the [Martin] Scorcese film, and you can feel it."

Boone previously made it clear that the version releasing in theaters is the movie he made without any major studio interference, saying that he wouldn't be promoting it if it wasn't up to his standards.

There are still questions over whether or not this movie would connect to the first X-Men trilogy or the new series of films that began with First Class, or if it would be a self-contained standalone much like the Deadpool movies. Boone explained that the movie does exist in the X-Men canon, but will not be focused on connecting to the other films.

"I'm sure in some world in the future, these things will all connect, but these movies will stand on their own," Boone explained at a set visit. "If you put all the X-Men kids from a PG-13 X-Men movie into Deadpool, it'd be a weird match. This is sort of the same way. I'd be interested to see how they were able to do that because the tone of ours is so different."

He added, "There's references and things that happen that are part of the greater whole, but we very much wanted it to tonally and aesthetically stand on its own. It's very grounded and very credible and because we shot it in a real location, it just will never look like a typical comic book movie where there's a lot of green screen, and everything sort of looks like there's a painted sheen of CGI across it. We're really going for something not an indie movie, but a little more rough around the edges like that"


The New Mutants premieres in theaters on April 3rd.