New Mutants Star Maisie Williams Fought to Keep Wolfsbane Comic Accurate

Wolfsbane will maintain her Scottish brogue in the upcoming New Mutants movie, but not without some extra effort by actress Maisie Williams. The English Game of Thrones star was given some leeway with how she chose to speak as Rahne Sinclair in the film. Speaking to Digital Spy, she said she chose to put in the extra effort to get Wolfsbane's Scottish accent from the comics down well enough to not be cringeworthy. "I was written very American because (director Josh Boone) wrote it and he's been very easy whenever we wanted to change dialogue," she says. "I didn't want to make it cringe and be saying 'aye' every now and then. I just wanted to make it an authentic accent.

"(Rahne)'s been here for a little while and the other mutants have been here for a little while, so I think our interpretations of our accents are what we wanted them to be. I went for more of a Highlands accent, although I can tell it sometimes goes a little bit Glasgow, but only people in Scotland would hopefully pick up on that. I always knew she was Scottish so even when I read the first draft, I tried to do it in my head in a Scottish accent so you start thinking in the character's accent. It makes it a lot easier when it comes to actually shooting something because you're not in the habit of saying something in your own voice, even if back then it was an awful Scottish accent."

This conversation took place back in 2017, while the X-Men movies spinoff was still in production. Boone co-wrote the film's screen with Knate Lee. Together, they pitched The New Mutants as a trilogy of movies. The project got underway in 2015, but suffered several delays after completing production. It is now scheduled for release in April, more than two years after it was first scheduled.

The New Mutants is a blend of mutant superheroes and teen horror. The film is inspired by "The Demon Saga," the most popular New Mutants story. The film sees the teens trapped in a secret facility and fighting to stay alive. Anya Taylor-Joy, who plays Magik in the film, described it by saying, "It's tricky and I haven't seen the final cut of it, but the energy [around] while we were making it was different than from what people have seen before."


The New Mutants opens in theaters on April 3rd.