‘Daredevil’ Star Deborah Ann Woll Says ‘The Punisher’ Season 2 “Most Likely” Final Time Playing Karen Page

Following the November cancellation of Netflix’s Daredevil, star Deborah Ann Woll says the [...]

Following the November cancellation of Netflix's Daredevil, star Deborah Ann Woll says the upcoming sophomore season of The Punisher "most likely" marks her final time playing Karen Page.

"I miss her very much," Woll wrote Friday in an Instagram post. "Be sure to watch!! @jonnybernthal is amazing in it! So is everybody! Hope it gets to continue for a third season."

Woll previously lamented the loss of Daredevil after its surprise cancellation, coming just weeks after its acclaimed third season reached the streaming service.

"I'm so sad that we won't be continuing this story," Woll tweeted November 29.

"Mostly I'll miss seeing the friends I've made everyday. Thank you to every person who contributed to this series over the years. And to [showrunner Erik Oleson] because of you we are going out on a high."

Page, who quickly emerged as one of Frank Castle's (Bernthal) most trusted allies in Daredevil Season Two — a role she continued in The Punisher's premiere season — again finds herself entangled in the vigilante's web as he battles newly emerged threat John Pilgrim (Josh Stewart) and returned former war buddy-slash-ex-best-friend Billy Russo (Ben Barnes).

"[Woll] is the best. I have the utmost respect for her," Bernthal told Collider of reuniting with the actress in The Punisher's hotly anticipated second season.

"She's not just so talented and awesome she's just so f—ing intelligent. She elevates everything. My major complaint would be I just want more of her. I would love the whole thing to be just about that relationship."

The Punisher fans have since braced for cancellation following Netflix's culling of its Marvel Comics-inspired shows, axing The Defenders, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and then Daredevil in quick succession.

Only Punisher and Jessica Jones — which have yet to debut their second and third seasons, respectively — have been spared thus far, but are unlikely to survive as Netflix washes its hands of its Marvel partnership while Marvel Entertainment owner Disney looks to launch its own premiere streaming service, Disney+, in late 2019.

It's Netflix, not Disney, who holds the power to pull the trigger on its Marvel cancellations. The plug-pulling subsequently contractually prevents those characters from being used for at least two years post-cancellation, but Disney+ chairman Kevin Mayer has since said a revival under Disney's soon-to-launch streaming service is "a possibility."

Oleson, who hoped to return for a fourth season of Daredevil, tweeted Friday he's working on reassembling his cast — members include Woll, Charlie Cox, Elden Henson and Vincent D'Onofrio — for an unspecified future project separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Punisher Season Two debuts all episodes exclusively on Netflix Friday, January 18.