New 'The Punisher' Season 2 Photos Surface

While the Infinity War rages in movie theaters, a different campaign of violence is being prepped for the small screen as Frank Castle preps for his return.

With Marvel Television currently in production on The Punisher, new photos have surfaced featuring the title character and a new ally. Check them out in the photos below.

The Punisher premiered late in 2017 but was successful enough for Netflix and Marvel to rush out a followup season. Marvel Television has been hard at work filming new seasons for all of their offerings on the streaming platform, and a second season of The Punisher will round them out.

After Jessica Jones premiered earlier this year, Luke Cage is next on the docket with a summer premiere. Fans can likely look forward to a new season of Daredevil in the fall, followed by Iron Fist in the winter. It remains to be seen when Season 2 of The Punisher will debut, but smart money would place a bit on the winter of 2019.

The Punisher has been filming for about a month now, and based on casting breakdowns we can glean some details from the show.

These set photos show Giorgia Whigham on the set, who is said to be playing a character from Marvel Comics named Amy Bendix. That particular character first appeared as part of the "Suicide Run" storyline, in which the Punisher gets injured in Ohio and is nursed back to health by Amy, while her father — the town sheriff — is suspicious of this mysterious man. Meanwhile, copycat vigilantes take to the streets of New York and start spreading his brand of violence without discretion.

It remains to be seen just how the new season of The Punisher will adapt this storyline for the small screen, but Whigham isn't the only new cast member to join the series. Floriana Lima, who played Maggie Sawyer in recent seasons of The CW's Supergirl, has also joined the cast as veteran psychotherapist Kristen Dumont.


Whether the series adapts "Suicide Run" or the other rumored storyline of "The Slavers," who knows at this point. But we'll likely learn more as details begin to seep out about The Punisher Season 2.

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