The Wolverine Knife Block Is Hilariously Dangerous

I'll admit, this Wolverine-inspired knife block is highly amusing - until you start thinking about what would happen if you actually owned it. The sensible chuckle I experienced upon first seeing it was followed swiftly by a shudder.

(Photo: If Industries)

Yes, this 3D-printed PLA plastic Wolverine knife block is actually something you can purchase from if Industries on Etsy. I don't recommend it. Even if Industries doesn't really recommend it. It will cost you $40 to start, and there will be a steady stream of medical bills afterward. Plus it only holds three knives. I'm going to hold out for the Edward Scissorhands or Freddy Krueger versions.

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No, if you simply must have a nerdy knife block, there are safer options available that don't compromise on the fun. The Star Wars X-Wing knife block is one example. There's also a Spartan knife block, the Samurai knife set, the EX knife block, and the DIY Deadpool knife block (my personal favorite).

(h/t Geekologie)




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