Thor: Love and Thunder Set Photos Show Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman on a Romantic Stroll

Marvel fans haven't seen the romance between Thor and Jane Foster on-screen since Thor: The Dark World back in 2013, but appears to be changing very soon. Thor: Love and Thunder, hitting theaters next year, will see the return of Natalie Portman's Jane, in a story that will have her taking up the Thor mantle as she does in the comics. Now, Jane and Thor being in the same film doesn't necessarily mean that their love story will continue, but it appears as though there will be at least be some flashbacks to a time when the characters were a couple.

Photos from the set of Thor: Love and Thunder surfaced online last week showing Portman and Chris Hemsworth donning their Dark World-era looks. More new photos followed on Monday afternoon, featuring the two characters holding hands, rubbing shoulders, and giggling. Take a look!

These photos are almost definitely from flashback sequences. What we don't know, however, is exactly when these flashbacks will take place. They were sometime around when Dark World was set, but that's about all the information we have to this point. There's a good chance these flashbacks might show us what caused Thor and Jane to break up in the first place. Remember, when asked in Thor: Ragnarok what happened with Jane, Odinson tried to explain that it was a mutual split, but there was clearly more going on beneath the surface. Fans still have no idea what made the characters go their separate ways.

Love is literally in the title of the film, so relationships are certainly going to play a part in the story. Jane and Thor's relationship is arguably the most prominent going into the film. We're going to see the relationship dealt with on-screen in a way we haven't before. It's just a question of what part of their relationship we're actually going to say. Love can mean a lot of different things, so there's no guarantee Jane and Thor get back together in the present MCU timeline. For all we know Jane and Valkyrie could have some kind of romance going on. Maybe Thor is the one who finds a new love interest. 

The possibilities for Love and Thunder are just about endless at this point. It's nice to know that we're at least going to get a little more information about Thor and Jane's history, if nothing else.


Thor: Love and Thunder arrives on July 8, 2022.