Taika Waititi Debunks Reports of His Completed Thor: Love and Thunder Script

Director Taika Waititi's plate is more than full over the next couple of years. The filmmaker is preparing to release his anti-hate satire Jojo Rabbit in theaters later this year, then he'll quickly move on to shoot the soccer film Next Goal Wins followed by Thor: Love and Thunder in 2020. This is already a heavy load for any director, but it's even tougher for someone like Waititi who writes their own scripts as well. Where does he find the time??

Well it doesn't appear he's found the time to finish the script for Thor: Love and Thunder, a sequel to his ultra successful Marvel Studios debut, Thor: Ragnarok. It was reported earlier this month that Waititi had already completed the screenplay, but the filmmaker recently took to Twitter to debunk that information.

On Friday morning, Waititi quote-tweeted a story about his supposedly completed Love and Thunder script, joking that he was as surprised as anyone to learn that it was done.

"Oh that's cool," Waititi wrote. "I never cease to surprise me! (the title page is complete)"

The initial report of the completed script came from Deadline in a piece detailing Next Goal Wins. The article stated that, given the early 2020 production start on Love and Thunder, Waititi had "already completed the script." As we know now, that's not the case.

With production not far away for the fourth Thor film, it's entirely likely that the script is pretty far along at this point. Waititi joked about the title page, making it seem as though all he has written is the title, but it's more likely he's just admitting that's the only part of the script that's totally finished. With the press tour for Jojo Rabbit and production on Next Goal Wins coming up before the end of this year, the Thor: Love and Thunder script will need to get wrapped up sooner rather than later.


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Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters on November 5, 2021.