Watch Tom Hiddleston's Original Audition to Play Thor

While Tom Hiddleston has made the mischievous character of Loki an iconic part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the past decade, it wasn't originally the part he set out to play. As many fans already know, Hiddleston first auditioned to play Thor. The folks at Marvel Studios must have seen something they liked in the actor because, although the part ultimately went to Chris Hemsworth, Hiddleston never formally auditioned for Loki.

Of course, fans have always wondered what a Hiddleston Thor could have looked like, even though Hemsworth has really made the God of Thunder his own over the years. Fortunately, thanks to Hiddleston's appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, we can now see what Hiddleston would have brought to the table as the heroic Thor. You can watch a short clip of the actor's audition in the video above!

During Hiddleston's appearance on the show, while talking about the upcoming Loki TV series on Disney+, Fallon asked the actor about his initial audition for the character of Thor.

"I did. Yes i did. Basically, at the time, they were looking for less, well-established actors, so that the audience didn't have an association," Hiddleson explained. "They just wanted people to see these new characters, these new actors. If you were over 6 foot and you've got blonde hair, you can come and have a pop at it. I actually never auditioned for Loki, I only ever auditioned for Thor, which is nuts."

After Fallon showed the never-before-seen footage from Hiddleston's audition, in which the Loki star wields the mighty hammer Mjolnir, the audience applauded. Hiddleston, however, insisted that everyone was put in the right parts when all was said and done.

"You really are too kind," he said. "I think we can all agree, they cast the right actor."

Hemsworth went on to land the role of Thor while Hiddleston was cast as his mischievous brother, and the two have proved themselves a match made in heaven.


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