Whether Tom Holland Unfollowed Sony on Instagram After Spider-Man News Stirs Debate Online

For the past two days, all the Internet has been talking about is the recent split between Disney and Sony over the Spider-Man films. The two companies couldn't reach an agreement, which means it’s unlikely we'll ever see Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe again. There are lots of debates surrounding the news online, especially about whether Sony or Disney is more to blame. However, there are also a lot of jokes floating around, which appears to have led to an accusation that Holland unfollowed Sony on Instagram.

The rumors began with a tweet by Jeremy Conrad, founder of MCU Cosmic:

While it seems this was just a joke, some publications wrote about it as a fact, including IGN.

“As reported by Heroic Hollywood, MCU Cosmic's Jeremy Conrad noticed the move by the Spider-Man star, which would be the first acknowledgment by Holland of this news as he has yet to give any type of public comment or reaction,” they wrote.

However, some fans have chimed in to say that it’s more likely Holland never followed the company to begin with:

This was a response to the original tweet, but it really feels like Conrad was just making a joke that happened to fit well with the gif he chose. Unfollowing Sony doesn't seem to be Holland's style, especially considering the actor hasn't even commented on the news yet.


According to the initial report from Deadline, the Disney/Sony standoff was over a reworking of the deal that would see Disney get a 50-50 co-financing stake in the upcoming Spider-Man movies. The deal would have given Disney its stake in the franchise while also bringing Sony's extended universe of Spider-Man movies such as Venom into the MCU. Sony turned the offer down outright without so much as a counteroffer. The company preferred to keep the current arrangement intact, which sees Disney receiving an approximate 5% of each Spider-Man movie's first-dollar gross.

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