'Venom' Parodies 'Love Actually' In New Trailer

Venom may be out of theaters for the holidays, but that doesn’t mean the film is about to let [...]

Venom may be out of theaters for the holidays, but that doesn't mean the film is about to let the holly-jolly season pass it by. After all, a new promo for the film just debuted, and it pays homage to one of the most iconic romantic comedies out there.

After all, Venom is the kind of symbiote that would fit in with the Love Actually crew, you know?

Over on Twitter, the official Venom page released a short promo advertising the film's Blu-ray. The animated short sees Venom taking the place of Mark as he stands outside a door on Christmas Eve. With lights behind him, Venom has a stack of cue cards ready to spell out a message, and the symbiote doesn't hold back his true feelings.

"Shhhh. Say it is carolers. But it is not carolers. It is Venom," the slides read.

"I just wanted to tell you I want to eat your eyes, lungs, pancreas, and maybe brains too. Nom, nom, nom. PS, buy my Blu-ray."

Signing off with a sweet "Love Venom", the clip is the perfect thing to draw in rom-com fans before surprising them. Venom is adorably animated in this sweet reel, and his handwriting would make anyone jealous. Though his words may be terse, Venom really wants netizens to know how tasty they are to him, and he isn't afraid to plug his Blu-ray along the way.

This cute parody might appear to have come out of nowhere, but Venom has a history with rom-coms. While the film was marketed as an action piece, Venom thrilled superhero fans with its online shipping. Eddie Brock was paired with everyone from Anne Weying to Venom itself, and Sony did not overlook the online chatter. In fact, an actual TV spot marketing Venom as a rom-com was released back in November, but the reel does not come close to outdoing this stunning Love Actually homage.

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Venom is currently available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital HD.