'Venom' Makes His Presence Known in New Photo

Venom is set to take the Marvel film landscape in a new direction, and a creepy new look at the [...]

Venom is set to take the Marvel film landscape in a new direction, and a creepy new look at the film is here to celebrate.

Entertainment Weekly recently released a new still for the upcoming film, which showcases Eddie Brock/Venom (Tom Hardy) towering over a man in a convenience store. You can check it out below.

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(Photo: Sony Pictures / Entertainment Weekly)

While this general set piece was shown in the film's most recent trailer - and spawned the pretty unique "turd in the wind" line - there's something uniquely upsetting about seeing a larger-scale version of the scene. In particular, the newest looks at the symbiote itself seems to be hitting a note with fans of the character, as it shows how director Ruben Fleischer and company are approaching the beloved character.

"I'm a huge fan of comic book movies so I just tried to pick a lane that was true to the character," Fleischer explained to ComicBook.com. "I think inherent to the character, he's just darker, and we talked about more violent. It's just tonally different from everything else, especially when you're focusing on just Venom. He's not a sunshine kind of guy. So, it takes place at night. It's darker. More menacing. I think that within the spectrum of all these movies, there's the DC super dark, Zack Snyder type version and then there's the Marvel movies and I like to think that we're in our own zone apart from that."

"There's a symbiote and then there's Eddie Brock," Fleischer added. "There's a relationship. That's what Tom did so amazingly well, was to play these two characters simultaneously. That was, as a director, just exhilarating to watch someone with the capability that he has managed the two characters that he has in his head."

This new still comes to Venom fans at a pretty interesting time, following recent reports surrounding the upcoming film. According to recent revelations, Venom might be leaning more towards a PG-13 rating, so potential Spider-Man crossovers and various other sequels are in the cards. Either way, fans will just have to wait and see how the solo film ultimately comes together.

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Venom is set to be released on October 5th.