'Venom' Movie Gets A Weird Trailer

YouTuber Aldo Jones has provdied fans with hours of delight -- alright, so more like 4 minutes and 59 seconds -- in the form of a Weird Trailer for Venom, Sony's forthcoming Spider-Man universe spinoff starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.

The trailer blends footage from Sony's official Venom trailer with non-sequitur humor, shots from other movies, and a whole lot of Drax the Destroyer.

Weird Trailers are a concept that plays best for trailers that have been seen enough times, or by enough people, that they get jokes based on them -- and Venom certainly counts.

The original Venom trailer has just surpassed all previous Spider-man movies to get 64 million views on YouTube. It had been hotly-anticipated, especially after a lackluster fan response to an initial teaser that did not feature Venom at all. Fans complained at the because the symbiote did not make an appearance, though there is likely good reason for its omission.

Effects-laden movies, especially superhero movies, usually are worked on down to the wire. With Venom not releasing until October, there's still a lot of progress to be made in the post-production process. Special effects are finalized toward the end, and with six months to go before the film's release, a lot of the movie's CG is unlikely to be finished.

So maybe Sony made a mistake by pushing that teaser earlier than expected. They've certainly tried to make up for it with this latest trailer, showing Spider-Man's popular villain in all of its sadistic glory.

Tom Hardy himself announced the reveal of the new trailer for CinemaCon on his Instagram account, putting his best face forward for an epic selfie in the process.

Hardy will star in the new movie alongside Jenny Slate, Michelle Williams, and Riz Ahmed, in a storyline loosely based on the '90s Lethal Protector miniseries from Marvel Comics. Although Sony is producing, it's still unclear whether or not the film will actually be a part of the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, with rumors flying about Tom Holland's supposed involvement.


Now that the trailer has debuted, we'll learn more about the upcoming film as we get closer to the release date.

Venom premieres in theaters on October 5th.