'Venom' Gets Official Holiday Season Romantic Comedy Trailer

Venom has become an breakout success story for Sony's Cinematic Universe of Marvel Characters. At [...]

Venom has become an breakout success story for Sony's Cinematic Universe of Marvel Characters. At the time of writing this, Venom has earned $200M+ domestically and $800M+ in total worldwide box office - and it seems that Sony wants one final marketing push to help the film cross that coveted billion-dollar mark.

To that end, Sony has now put out a new official Venom trailer for the upcoming home release - one that embraces the holiday season cheer, and tries to reframe the film as a romantic comedy. Watch that above!

This new trailer does a good job of matching the footage from Venom with the types of loglines and aesthetic that you find on some classic holiday season rom-coms like Love Actually. It plays upon the film's main narrative, which is how investigative reporter Eddie Brock forms a kind of bond with the alien symbiote living in his body, so that the two can become the greater sum of their parts, known as Venom. It also does a great job of implementing the subplot from the middle of the film, in which Eddie's girlfriend Anne Weying (Michelle Williams) has temporarily take possession of the symbiote, in order to rescue Eddie from capture by the Life Foundation. During that sequence, Eddie and "She-Venom" share a not-so-passionate kiss, as means for the symbiote to transfer back from Anne to Eddie. However, according to this trailer, that awkward and somewhat gross moment is pure romantic gold! These kind of genre-bending spins on popular movie trailers has been a popular trend in fan-made content - good to see Sony leaning into it!

With its current earnings, Venom has now passed both Wonder Woman, Justice League, and Sam Raimi's Spider-Man at the worldwide box office. The spinoff is also slated to be the most profitable Spider-Man movie of all, thanks to it having a 5x multiplier in returns on its $100M cost - the biggest return on investment the franchise has ever seen, and a promising sign about what the future of Sony's Spider-Man movie universe could be. Sony has already claimed two new Marvel movie dates; one is almost certainly Venom 2, while the other seems to be the Morbius The Living Vampire movie starring Jared Leto, which just went into production.

Beyond that, Sony is actively looking into getting a Kraven The Hunter movie off the ground; even as we write this, news is breaking that the upcoming Spider-Man animated film, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse will also be expanded into its own cinematic universe. That expansion will give Miles Morals a Spider-Verse sequel film from Joaquin Dos Santos (Voltron), while three versions of the Spider-Woman character will unite in their own animated film from Lauren Montgomery (Voltron).

Venom will arrive on Digital starting December 11th, and on Blu-ray starting December 18th.