Marvel Reveals an Epic Venom Beyond Team

Venom has always had an unpredictable part of the Marvel Comics universe, with the titular symbiote being used to tell a wide array of bizarre stories. The latest arc in the Venom comics is definitely no exception, as Eddie Brock, his symbiote, and his son, Dylan, travel to the Ultimate universe. That return to the Ultimate universe has brought some unexpected canon along with it, including alternate versions of characters that readers will know and love. In the series' most recent issue, that included a rather unexpected partnership, which fans had to see to believe. Spoilers for Venom #28 below! Only look if you want to know!

Part of the issue plays off of the unlikely meeting between Earth-616's Eddie Brock and Earth-1610's Anne Weying, both of whom were bonded with the respective versions of their Earth's Venom symbiote. As Anne explained to Eddie, her version of Eddie had committed suicide, and her attempt to return to the scene of his death led to her being bonded with Venom.

As Anne went on to explain, her Venom symbiote immediately began to respawn in the event of some sort of catastrophic event, recruiting other hosts along the way. Flash Thompson had convinced Anne to help train the new hosts, and they now operated as a sort of ragtag underground revolution. Anne then introduced the team -- the Earth-1610 versions of Peter Parker, Cletus Kasady, Wade Wilson, and Andi Benton.

venom 28 team 1
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Yes, that's right. Spider-Man, Carnage, Deadpool, and Mania operate in a team together on Earth-1610.

Eddie quickly grew apprehensive about the team - particularly Cletus Kasady's role in it - but Anne reassured that they were all worthy recruits. They were quickly tracked in the sewers by another team, which included Juggernaut, The Thing, Wolverine, and Omega Red, and a fight ensued.


While it's unclear what the long-term future holds for this "Venom Beyond" team, it does provide an interesting alternate take on some of the characters fans know and love. Plus, it builds out the reinforcements in the coming fight against Knull in a pretty epic way.

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