'Venom' Writer Receives Death Threats

When Venom #11 hit shelves at local comic stores earlier this week, it included a major change to the story arc Eddie Brock has been drudging through as of late. Since the issue has been released, Venom writer Donny Cates has started to receive "multiple" death and injury threats from "fans" upset with the change.

Spoilers ahead for Venom #11. Proceed with caution if you have yet to read the latest issue.

In short, it's revealed in the issue that the Venom symbiote has purposefully been manipulating Brock's physical and mental state, even going the length to alter Brock's memories so that he thought cancer he was suffering from was real. Understandably so, the revelation has thrown a disruption between Brock and Venom, resulting in the threats from "shippers" of the pair.

For the uninitiated — myself included — that means that there was a certain part of the fan base who were actively lobbying for a romantic relationship between Eddie and the symbiote. According to a tweet shared earlier this evening by Cates, that seems where the threats are stemming from.

The story will continue in Venom #12, the last issue before Cates goes on a three-issue hiatus from the title as Marvel begins to roll out its "War of the Realms" megaevent.

The solicitation for Venom #12 can be found below.

• Once the worst nightmare of New York's criminal element, Eddie Brock has been living a nightmare of his own, cut off from the symbiote's personality and now dealing with the resurgence of the cancer that once ravaged his body.
• With no one else to turn to, Eddie must revisit THE MAKER — the only person who's been able to provide ANY insight into what's been going on with the alien symbiote of late...
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99



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