Official Name of the Scarlet Witch Disney+ Marvel Series Reportedly Revealed

Disney is hard at work to make exciting content for their own streaming service, tapping Marvel [...]

Disney is hard at work to make exciting content for their own streaming service, tapping Marvel Studios to make their first foray into serialized media featuring characters from their Avengers lineups. When the news first hit, Marvel was reportedly working on series focusing on Scarlet Witch and Loki.

Now Deadline has reportedly revealed the official name of the Scarlet Witch focused series, possibly confirming that another major Marvel hero will share top billing with Elizabeth Olsen's character.

According to Deadline, Disney+ will see the launch of Vision and the Scarlet Witch, supposedly premiering in 2019.

This likely means that Paul Bettany will play a role in the series, though nothing official has been announced by Disney or Marvel Studios. During an conference call with investors when the Disney+ service was officially named, Iger only mentioned the Loki series that would feature Tom Hiddleston reprising his role.

Of course, some of this is complicating the in-story deaths of Scarlet Witch and the Vision at the hands of Thanos during the events of Avengers: Infinity War. In that film, Thanos ripped the Mind Stone from Vision's head and essentially deactivated the android, while his fateful snap ended up erasing Scarlet Witch from existence.

There's little doubt these characters will return in some capacity in the upcoming Avengers 4, but with plot details for that film being so closely guarded, we can only speculate on how Vision and the Scarlet Witch will actually play out.

Rumors of Vision's involvement were reported last month when /Film's Peter Sciretta shed some light on Marvel Studios' plans for the Disney+ platform.

"The other thing I'm hearing is that Paul Bettany's Vision will have a large part in the previously reported Scarlet Witch show. In fact, it may actually be a series more about the super-powered couple than just Wanda," Sciretta wrote.

There's no official word yet on just what Marvel Studios has planned for the upcoming series, though there is plenty of source material for the company to incorporate into the show. Scarlet Witch and the Vision have been one of the Avengers' most prominent couples over the last few decades, having their fair share of ups and downs, murder mysteries, artificial children, reality changes, and much more.

Hopefully we find out more about Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany's involvement in the upcoming Marvel Studios series very soon. But the two will likely next be seen in Avengers 4, due in theaters on May 3, 2019.