WandaVision VFX Artists Show Off New Scenes For Anniversary

WandaVision's VFX artists are celebrating the first anniversary of the show with some behind-the-scenes footage. Industrial Light and Magic need no introduction, but they helped craft Westview. On Twitter, their group showcased some of the VFX work from all across the series. Getting Vision's head in there right and most of the particle effects are a tremendous undertaking. By the tail end of the series, where her powers are really flowing, Elizabeth Olsen's performance is grand and sweeping. Wanda is just spinning reality like a thread and we're all along for the ride. It holds up as today MCU fans are discussing their memories of Westview and the mystery that surrounded the show before it all released.

On Twitter, they wrote, "Time flies in Westview! As we celebrate the first anniversary of @MarvelStudios' @WandaVision, we're thrilled to give you a look behind the curtain at the Compositing work that @ILMVFX brought to the series. All episodes are streaming now on @DisneyPlus."

In some comments about the setting of WandaVision, Paul Bettany credited the effects work too. He told British GQ that her motives in creating Westview were a bit complicated. Check out what he had to say.

"Okay, so a couple of things here," Bettany explained while re-watching the series. "I think the animation is so beautiful but the drawing of the sort of birth of the town and the building, and her version of Vision in this is so really elegantly rendered. I think it's really special. Such a lovely idea that because she can't solve the real issues, she creates a world in which she can have these little puzzles to deal with and everything can be neatly tied up ... unlike life." 

Kevin Feige actually spoke to Rotten Tomatoes about the role of Wanda's magic in the MCU last year.

"The supernatural sorcery with Doctor Strange — which you saw not only in his movie but in Infinity War and Endgame — and explaining the powers that we'd seen Wanda have throughout the movies, now having this connection to witchcraft and magic [in WandaVision], [is] right from the Marvel Comics. It's always been there. It's fun to be able to figure out a way to bring more of that into the MCU," Feige revealed.

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