WandaVision Finale Brings Some Tragic Endings for Major Characters

WandaVision concluded last week with the aptly titled "The Series Finale" bringing together a number of the series' narrative threads and setting up for Wanda Maximoff's (Elizabeth Olsen) future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That also included wrapping up the stories for many of the series' other characters as well and for some of the major ones, that meant tragic endings as the Hex keeping Westview under Wanda's spell finally came down.

Warning: Spoilers for the series finale of Wanda Vision, "The Series Finale", below.

In the end, Wanda's perfect world proved to be unsustainable. Confronted by Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn), Wanda began to realize that the people she'd kept under her spell in Westview were actually suffering and that, to free them from this, she would have to let down the Hex which would, in turn, cause her to lose her own family. With Wanda coming into her full power during her confrontation with Agatha -- Wanda has a full transformation into the Scarlet Witch -- she also realizes exactly what she needs to do to end things.

First up in the order of tragic endings is Agatha herself. While the episode features an intense battle between the two magic users and Agatha being older and well-trained frequently appears to have the upper hand, in the end, it's Wanda who uses one of Agatha's tricks against her, casting protection runes that disable Agatha's ability to take Wanda's power, thus leaving the older witch entirely at Wanda's mercy. It's an interesting twist on Agatha's role in comics as Wanda's mentor, but it also gives Wanda a chance to more or less punish Agatha for the hell she's caused. Wanda chooses to essentially imprison Agatha in "the role" she chose for herself: the nosy neighbor. With just a touch, Agatha is returned to being Agnes, a sitcom stereotype, where she will presumably live until when and if Wanda needs her.

While that's a surprising turn of events, the real tragic ends belong to Wanda's family. Realizing that the twins and the "Conditional" Vision (Paul Bettany) cannot survive outside of the Hex, Wanda and her family return to their home as the Hex starts to fall. Wanda and Vision tuck the boys into bed with Wanda telling them that families are forever and thanking them for choosing her as their mom -- a common sentiment among mothers generally as well as those who have lost children -- before going to face the end themselves.

While viewers don't see Billy and Tommy's "demise", they do see Vision's. He and Wanda have an emotional goodbye (really more of a "see you later" because, as Vision notes, they've said goodbye several times before so meeting again isn't entirely off the table), and then we see him come undone as the Hex rolls everything back to reality.

Of course, while the end of Billy, Tommy, and "Conditional" Vision as we see it is heartbreaking, it may not be the end of things. Not only did the "real" Vision -- the physical body of the real Vision that Hayward (Josh Stamberg) tried to use to kill Wanda -- end up with his memories restored by "Conditional" Vision, but he flew off to parts unknown making it entirely possible we'll see him again and, thus, potentially continue some facet of Wanda and Vision's story. On top of that, the post-credits scene seemed to imply that Billy and Tommy are still alive somewhere, potentially in another pocket of the multiverse.

Who knows, Wanda might end up needing Agatha after all when all of this starts to play out in the future. At least she knows where to find her.


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