WB Games Addresses Whether Marvel and Star Wars Can Come to LEGO Dimensions


The demise of Disney Infinity is still being felt by fans, especially with leaks of in-progress work that had been done on new figures, and the shattered dreams of what was on the way. But while Toys to Life as a video game category is down by one now, that doesn’t mean fans of some of the other brands should suddenly get too worried. Indeed, while sitting with Doug Heder, producer at WB Games on LEGO Dimensions to demo the year two product on the way, he assuaged any fears fans may have about the future of that game.

“We’re coming out with even more, and bigger, stuff!” Heder told Comicbook.com, gesturing at the several demo boxes that were in the NYC office. “We are excited about this category, we saw growth in this category. Even before LEGO entered the physical space, the way our games were, we were the forerunner of the family-based games. As that category leader, it made a lot of sense for us to come into this space. It was sort of an evolution of the idea that Jon Burton [founder of TT Games] wanted from the get go,” he explained, noting earlier that Burton wanted fans to have the true LEGO experience in every level of the video game experience.

The central message is that WB and TT Games are very confident in Toys to Life as a category, and with no new starter pack, hardware refresh, or new on-disc sku necessary to play the content from their second year of product, they have a different view of the landscape than Disney did with Infinity’s yearly full new versions and starter packs, or Activision’s yearly complete-brand changes for Skylanders that have added drastically different character styles and gameplay (along with new on-disc skus).

Of course, that brought us to Marvel and Star Wars, two brands that belong to Disney, and were centerpieces of Disney Infinity, but have also worked with WB Games and TT Games on LEGO games on consoles, mobile, and computer. In 2016 alone, new Marvel and Star Wars games have come out in the LEGO line.

“Will they show up somewhere else?” Heder said with a smile, anticipating my question. While I noted that contracts must be difficult, and getting properties like Marvel and DC working together – especially on LEGO Dimensions’ do-anything platform, wouldn’t be an easy task, Heder gave fans of those properties some hope.

“All I can say is, our official tagline is: ‘Break the Rules.’ There are no official rules when it comes to LEGO,” Heder said, again, still grinning ear to ear. A PR rep in the room added, “They’re already partners of ours, and we’re always looking at adding new IP [Intellectual Property] into Dimensions.”

That’s more hopeful messaging than some would expect, as all those disparate brands have historically been tough to make work side-by-side, but if there’s a company that has proven it can do so, it’s LEGO. Whether you’re looking at the cameo by Star Wars characters in The LEGO Movie, or the very nature of Dimensions, which includes properties from WB, Paramount, Columbia Pictures, Universal Pictures, FOX, BBC, and more, they’ve proven that a dedication and respect for the brand can go a long way to making the impossible happen.


So yes, there's at least a possibility that you could team-up Batman, Spider-Man, and Rey in the future, alongside Doctor Who, Homer Simpson, and have them all ride in the Mystery Mobile.

LEGO Dimensions is in stores now, and adds new franchises like the new Ghostbusters cast (and story), Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Mission Impossible, and much more in their second year of expansion.