Werewolf By Night Stars Tease Fans "Will Be Scared" by Marvel Special

D23 has come and gone, dropping all sorts of goodies for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of those unveilings came in the form of a teaser for Werewolf by Night, the first-ever holiday special produced by Marvel Studios. Shortly after the Marvel Studios panel ended, Disney+ added the special's page to its platform. Though the special itself still isn't available to stream for a few weeks yet, the trailer is on the page as is its rating and genre. While the genre listed for the project is "Comedy," Gael Garcia Bernal has said the program is still plenty scary.

"Some people will be scared, even if they think they won't," Bernal told Marvel.com on the red carpet at D23.

Though a horror special at heart, Bernal's Werewolf by Night co-star Laura Donnelly added that it carries with it a tremendous amount of heart.

"I love that it has proper heart in it as well," she added. "We're telling a real horror story but we're also telling a human, heartfelt story as well and I love that about it."

Michael Giacchino, longtime Marvel composer-turned-director, confirmed that the black and white trailer wasn't simply a marketing ploy; the entire special will be in grayscale, an homage to the pulp horror features of yesteryear.

"Don't smack your TV set," Giacchino joked. "It's in black and white. Your TV is fine, so just stay with that."

The filmmaker is pulling double duty on the project: in addition to making his Marvel directorial debut, he scored it all as well.

Marvel's official synopsis for the special can be found below:

"On a dark and somber night, a secret cabal of monster hunters emerge from the shadows and gather at the foreboding Bloodstone Temple following the death of their leader," the synopsis reads. "In a strange and macabre memorial to the leader's life, the attendees are thrust into a mysterious and deadly competition for a powerful relic—a hunt that will ultimately bring them face to face with a dangerous monster."

Werewolf by Night hits Disney+ on October 7th. What other characters do you hope to see appear in the upcoming special? Let us know your thoughts either in the comments section or by hitting our writer @AdamBarnhardt up on Twitter to chat all things MCU!