First Marvel's What If...? Merchandise Introduces Fans to Party Thor

Even though Marvel's What If...? has yet to get an official release date from Disney+, merchandise for the show is slowly starting to creep out through online retailers. Over the weekend, a massive "Guardians of the Multiverse" piece surfaced through FYE teasing the involvement of the ever-elusive Marvel Cinematic Multiverse. Now, apparel has surfaced online from a separate retailer showing some of those aforementioned Guardians in their own pieces of merchandise.

That includes Party Thor, a take on the Asgardian that looks to be a little more rambunctious than usual. In addition to the Thor piece, Zombie Captain America even got his own shirt, while Jeffrey Wright's Uatu the Watched can be seen on a cap. All of the products appeared online through Spain's OcioStock.

A substantial amount of actors that have appeared in Marvel's live-action properties are back to reprise their roles in the animated series. According to showrunner AC Bradley, fans of the MCU should expect to see a character from at least every

"Kevin said that we will be exploring every movie in a new way, but not every episode is about one movie if that makes sense," Bradley previously told Discussing Film. "On the reel [shown at D23 Expo], there is this image of a Star-Lord T'Challa because we wanted to see what if the worlds of Black Panther and the Guardians of the Galaxy collided? That was taking two universes, two to three movies, kind of twisting them in new ways."

Marvel's What If...? has yet to set a release date with Disney+.


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