Marvel Reveals Who Killed Thanos

Infinity Wars #1 hit comic book stores today and brought with it the answer to the question Marvel fans have been waiting for: who is Requiem?

SPOILERS for Infinity Wars #1 by Gerry Duggan, Mike Deodato Jr., and Frank Martin follow.

Requiem actually made her debut last week in the pages of Infinity Wars Prime, the prelude issue to this big Marvel event. The mysterious new villain certainly knows how to make an entrance.

Requiem managed to sneak up behind Thanos just as he was giving a speech about how he was going to seek out the Infinity Stones again to his Chitauri horde on their homeworld, Chitauri Prime. Yet in the heart of this massive army, Requiem was able to walk up behind Thanos and, with a single swing of her sword, decapitate him.

With Thanos dead, the Chitauri horde is Requiem's to command, but she's not interested, and instead chooses to kill all of the Chitauri at Thanos' big rally.

In Infinity Wars #1, when the new Infinity Watch -- Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, Adam Warlock, Turk Barrett, and Black Widow -- hold their first meeting and decide to check up on Thanos, they see his prone, headless body on Chitauri Prime.

The sight of the dead villain causes bickering within the ranks of the Infinity Watch and their allies. It gets worse when Turk Barrett reveals that Star-Lord has a fake Infinity Stone with him. It takes a moment, but Star-Lord realizes that Gamora must have swapped this fake stone for the real stone before leaving him in a bar earlier that day.

Turk searches for the real Power Stone and finds that it's above the gathering. That's when Requiem drops from the sky. The gathered heroes and villains try to fight Requiem, but she fends them off easily. Then Rocket shoots Requiem's mask off to reveal who is underneath:

Requiem Gamora
(Photo: MIke Deodato Jr., Frank Martin, Gerry Duggan, Marvel Entertainment)

So it seems Gamora finally fulfilled her desire to kill her father... and also committed genocide against the Chitauri. She wasn't done yet though, because she also put her blade, enhanced by the Power Stone in its hilt, through another hero's chest.

That's quite the heel turn for Gamora. Her motivation seems to be a desire to take the Soul Stone and free the part of her soul that is trapped in Soul World, and lacking a portion of her soul may be why she's been so casual about killing people. However, Soul World has been corrupted, so opening a portal into that dimension could mean terrible things for the universe. Will Gamora stop at nothing?


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Infinity Wars #1 is on sale now.