Recently Revealed X-Men: Dark Phoenix Skrull Designs Look Better than the MCU's Version

There was once a time when Dark Phoenix was supposed to feature the Skrulls. If you've seen the [...]

There was once a time when Dark Phoenix was supposed to feature the Skrulls. If you've seen the movie, you'll know by the now those plans were scrapped for a lesser-known shape-shifting alien race and now, 20th Century Fox's original concept art for the aliens has surfaced online. Despite looking far from comic-accurate there's a spooky look to the Skrulls, almost as if they were plant-like creatures.

The concept first surfaced on Instagram account @theculturednerd and has since started making its rounds online. Various angles of the Signs-like alien concept art can be seen below.

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#XmenDarkPhoenix was once a completely different movie. It featured the #Skrulls, a coherent plot, more action, more spectacle, and an ending that would've left #Xmen fans talking. Then #Disney came in and demanded it all to be changed. Rumors and speculation point to countless reasons to why this happened. Some rumors say it was to avoid conflict with #CaptainMarvel, some say it was to allow #Marvel to reboot the X-Men franchise without fan backlash, but whatever the true reasons behind the extensive changes and retooling of the entire film, the film we got was the end of the franchise for #Fox. Next time we see any of the X-Men it will be under the #MCU moniker, and fan favorites like #Wolverine, #Cyclops, #Gambit, #JeanGrey, #Nightcrawler, and countless others will be rebooted for new "family friendly" look.

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Dark Phoenix has been long regarded as the last of 20th Century's X-Men films, depending on whether New Mutants ever sees the light of day. The film sputtered at the box office and has been in the news of late after being blamed by one Disney chief as a big reason the House of Mouse posted less than desirable Q3 earnings.

"[The Fox] film studio had an operating loss in the third quarter of about $170 million which was driven by the underperformance of theatrical titles including 'Dark Phoenix,' marketing for future releases, and development expenses," Disney CFO Christine McCarthy said during a recent earnings call.

The Simon Kinberg-helmed film earned $252.39 million worldwide, with a paltry $65.8m coming domestically. It's easily the worst-performing movie of the entire X-Men franchise, falling over $65m behind The Wolverine domestically and $44m behind X-Men worldwide.

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Dark Phoenix will be released digitally September 3rd ahead of a home media release on September 17th. Captain Marvel is available wherever movies are sold.