Marvel Plans to Revisit Last Year's Biggest X-Men Twist

Marvel has plans to revisit the biggest X-Men twist from the last year.

Marvel promoted X-Men Gold #30 as the issue that would feature the "wedding fo the century." Kitty Pryde was finally going to marry her longtime, on-again-off-again boyfriend Colossus.

But then came the switcheroo. At the very last second, Kitty backed out of the wedding. Not wanting to let the event go to waste, Gambit took the opportunity to propose to his longtime, on-again-off-again girlfriend Rogue. Rogue and Gambit married and began their newlywed adventures in a series titled Mr. and Mrs. X, which had until then been referred to only as "X-CLASSIFIED" in solicitations.

In an interview published around the same time as the issue, X-Men Gold writer Marc Guggenheim implied that the twist was not his idea. On the latest episode of the This Week In Marvel podcast, Marvel editor-in-chief CB Cebulski credited Venom writer Donny Cates with conceiving the wedding issue's last-minute changeup.

"This is another one of those ideas that came out of...encouraging creators to speak out at the retreats," Cebulski explained. "Because, pulling back the curtain here for fans...Kitty and Colossus were supposed to get married, that was the plan. We were in the room, we were talking about it, and we were moving onto the next topic, and it was Donny Cates who said, 'You know guys, wait, what if…?' And he's the one who threw it out there. And we percolated on it for a while and we ran it by Marc Guggenheim who was like, 'That would be absolutely amazing, but can we keep it secret?' And we worked all the magic based on one idea where a creator just threw it out secondhand at a retreat and it changed the course of the X-Men publishing plan for six, seven, eight months."

Cebulski also revealed that Marvel isn't done with that wedding story quite yet.

"And we will be revisiting that wedding very soon, in 2019," Cebulski teased. "Spoilers for something coming up. There was a secret in that issue that we have never revealed."

What could that secret be? We're not sure, but the recently-resurrected Wolverine (or maybe future, Phoenix-possessed Wolverine) was at the wedding, looking on from the rooftops, though none of the other X-Men knew it. Perhaps then revisiting the wedding has to do with Wolverine's return or the upcoming Wolverine: Infinity Watch series.


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