X-Men: Here Is What Lupita Nyong'o Could Look Like as an MCU Storm

Lupita Nyong'o has made quite an impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe through playing Nakia in Black Panther, but a new piece of fanart imagines her in a completely different role in the franchise. BossLogic recently shared a piece, which showcases what the Oscar-winning actress could have looked like as the MCU's version of Ororo Munroe/Storm.

Even though the world of Marvel has occasionally cast one actor in two different roles, it's safe to assume that Nyong'o will continue to play Nakia for the time being. If and when Storm does enter the MCU, fans already have a handful of actresses in mind to possibly play her, including American Gods' Yetide Badaki and If Beatle Street Could Talk's Kiki Layne.

“She was an image of myself, of a powerful chocolate black woman, and I just think that’s an amazing image to have and I really want to play Storm,” Layne said in an interview earlier this year.

Regardless of whoever ends up playing Storm, there's a chance that her arrival could shake things up for Nakia and T'Challa, considering the fact that she's had a relationship with the latter in the comics.

"Are you trying to break up my relationship with Nakia?" Chadwick Boseman joked to ComicBook.com last year. "It sounds like that's what you're doing right now."

"I'm not happy to talk about this, at all! I feel very territorial," Nyong'o added. "That's my king! I've already told him, he better not have that. He will have a problem on his hands."


Who do you want to see play Storm in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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