Mark Wahlberg Explains Why The Six Billion Dollar Man Is Taking So Long

Mark Wahlberg has done his best to explain why The Six Billion Dollar Man is taking so long. He talked to Collider for the press tour for Spenser Confidential about a number of topics. When the long-awaited project came up, you could see that the action star was in a good mood. He joked that he was going to need to make The Six Billion Dollar Man while he was still young. But, Wahlberg also acknowledged the need to get things absolutely right when adapting a property that people hold dear. Not rushing the process is completely worth it if the finished product ends up satisfying audiences. During his explanation, the actor also used his experience on Uncharted and The Fighter to really hammer home how you can feel that clock ticking by.

“By the time it comes out, we’re going to call it 60-year-old 6 Billion Dollar Man,” he joked. “They’ll have to change the title to that. At least then you’ll know why. You know what, it’s one of those things where we just have to get it right. Bill Dubuque is writing the script now. So, I think we have an amazing idea. We’ll have an amazing screenplay and we’re supposed to be getting it Friday, so I’m thinking this week. Hopefully, we’ll then pick a start date and a release date and go make the movie.”

Wahlberg continued, “But, even with Uncharted, I was attached years and years to play Nathan Drake and now I’m playing Sully. You know? Even with The Fighter, I knew there was a ticking clock there. There was that biological clock, so we gotta get going quickly.”

0comments had the chance to speak with the film’s producer Sue Kroll about he project during the press events for Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey. She told our Brandon Davis that things were moving forward, but couldn’t let go of any specifics besides the director’s position on the film. Kroll said, “You just said, it’s Travis [Knight]. You’ll have to stay tuned for that one.” At least that would mean that the film is still on the right track. Screenplay writing going on as of this week has to make people feel a bit more optimistic as well.

Way back in 2017, Wahlberg shared a little about the project with He said, “We finally got the script for The Six Billion Dollar Man. Now that's not your typical superhero because I will not put on a cape nor a spandex outfit, but the script is amazing. We've been developing it for quite some time and finally got it to where we want to go shoot the movie, so hopefully, we will shoot in the fall.”

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