Arrow Star Stephen Amell Has the Best Praise for The Batman Eye Makeup

09/06/2020 11:54 pm EDT

Arrow star Stephen Amell has the best praise for The Batman's eye makeup so far. When the trailer for Matt Reeves' new movie dropped at DC FanDome, people couldn't get over Robert Pattinson's emo-looking appearance. Well, if anyone knows the benefits of good eyeblack, it would be The Green Arrow himself. The star took some time to voice his pleasure at seeing a fellow DC hero rock the look. Fans got a kick out of it on Twitter and reminded of the early days of The CW's Arrowverse. Remember, the eye makeup was used in some other Batman iterations as well. But, with Arrow being so beloved by a lot of fans, it all just kind of clicked.

Amell wrote, "If you wanna launch a DC Franchise that has some legs, the smokey eye look is a good jumping-off point."

Much has been made about the struggle of getting in and out of the Batsuit. But, the Arrow star had some funny stories about how hard his costume was to move in back near the start of the show. Amell told the crowd at MCM London Comic Con last year about ripping those pants a few times.

"So the very first time I put on the suit..." Amell explained. "It was designed by Colleen Atwood who, when I went to her home in Malibu, I looked up and I'm like 'Oh, cool! There's that thing that you get when you get nominated for an Academy Award.' Like she had one of those plaques. And then I looked further to my right and I go 'Oh my god, that's an Academy Award.' She's won the Oscar, I think two or three times, for costume design. And she made the original Arrow suit, which was beautiful... if you were a mannequin. But when you actually try to move, it was all leather."

"So I couldn't actually reach my arm back to get an arrow from the quiver, which I felt was important." Amell continued. "And then also, there were no what we now call gussets, basically spandex in the legs and in the arms. Because my first move in my first fight was to get down into a crouching position, which was impossible. And I said 'Guys, you need to put gussets in the suit.' And they go 'We can't, Colleen Atwood made it, we can't mess with it.' And I [squatted and said] 'Can you mess with it now?' I ripped the pants on purpose, because if it had happened during production, then we would have been delayed for like two hours."

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