The 2017 Golden Issue Award for Best Fight Scene

Heroes and villains had a lot of battles at the movies in 2017 ,but one unforgettable scene deflected any challengers to become the Best Fight Scene of 2017 in the Golden Issue Awards.

Thor went head to head with the Hulk in his long-awaited gladiator form. Logan fought a cloned and terrifying version of himself. The Justice League had it out with their own pal Superman. Eggsy and Harry had it out with every Poppy grunt in Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Still, none could top the ultimate winner claiming 2017's Best Fight Scene award.

And the winner of Best Fight Scene is...


Wonder Woman's No Man's Land battle!

Wonder Woman marched into theaters over the summer of 2017, marking Gal Gadot's second appearance as the DC Comics hero on the big screen. This time around, however, it was her show under the tremendous direction of Patty Jenkins. When no man was willing to dive head first into battle, Diana Prince had the courage to cross a dangerous battlefield in an effort to take out the enemy threats.

The cinematography, choreography, and adrenaline-pumping aspects of the scene may have been enough to win the award alone. It doesn't end there, though. Wonder Woman's No Man's Land scene sent a message of bravery like no other. Wonder Woman doing so in her own self-titled film was an undeniable force, prompting courage in audiences around the world.

List of Nominees:

No Man's Land - Wonder Woman [WINNER]

Thor vs. Hulk - Thor: Ragnarok

Logan vs. X-24 - Logan


Justice League vs. Superman - Justice League

Fight at Poppy's - Kingsman: The Golden Circle