Aladdin Actor Proposes to Princess Jasmine Actress on Stage Play

To think people say fairy tales don't come true! Sure, it is hard to live out your own Disney romance, but that doesn't mean it is impossible by any means. Over in England, one very lucky audience got to see how deep Aladdin's love for Jasmine really is, but it was not part of the play.

No, when the actor playing Aladdin at De Montfort Hall got down on one knee before Jasmine, it was all very real. The star Matthew Pomeroy proposed to his co-star and longtime girlfriend playing Jasmine in front of an actual audience.

The adorable moment was caught on camera and put on social media. You can find the moment below as it took place during the curtain call of Aladdin. The show ended with Pomeroy approaching Natasha Lamb as their co-stars stood around them.

"The last four years you've changed my life. You are the kindest, most caring person," the actor shared. "Tash, I love you with all my heart. You're my best friend and if you'll let me, I want to share my life with you."

Of course, the audience was blown away by the proposal which Lamb said yes. The moment was made even more special as Pomeroy managed to get both of their parents in attendance for Aladdin that night, so that made Pomeroy more nervous than ever.

"It was scary,” Pomeroy shared with the BBC. “I hadn't worked out where to put the ring after my costume change for the finale as it didn't have pockets - so when I bowed I thought it would fall out the belt.

"I spend my life on stage - it's my happy place. Proposing on there fits me perfectly,”

As for Lamb, she said she's blown away by the ordeal. While some may not want a grand proposal such as this, the actress admitted Pomeroy couldn't have picked a better place to get down on one knee.

"It's the best way for us. We spend every day together on stage and shall carry on for however many more years to come," Lamb said. "It's a bit of a blur - I'm glad I've got the video to watch it back. I had no idea what he was going to do, it was incredible."


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via Fox News