Avatar Sequels: New Behind-The-Scenes Photo Shows Detailed Set Build

Avatar's sequels may be the most perpetually delayed titles in cinematic history but the crew is still hard at work on the movies down in New Zealand. An excited producer in the form of Jon Landau is down at Weta working on the film with director James Cameron and while they are keeping most details of the film close to the vest, there are some photos from the sets which reveal the massive scope of this movie. This, of course, should come as no surprise seeing as the first Avatar film captivated audiences with its massive and innovative approach to filmmaking.

Landau posted photos of the set on Instagram. "WIDE SHOT: Our High Camp Bio Lab set on stages in New Zealand," Landau wrote in the post which offers two behind-the-scenes pictures. "SECOND SHOT: Jim studying the set before filming. A salute to the Kiwi crew for their attention to the artistry of their crafts."

See the photos which Landau is talking about in the post below!

Despite the years of development, very little about the actual plot of Avatar 2 through 5 was known until Landau pulled back the curtain in an interview earlier this year. Speaking with RNZ, Landau said: "This is the story of the Sully family and what one does to keep their family together. Jake and Neytiri have a family in this movie, they are forced to leave their home, they go out and explore the different regions of Pandora, including spending quite a bit of time on the water, around the water, in the water."

Cameron himself previously confirmed that the water ecosystems of Pandora would be a major focus of the films, making a note of it as early as 2010. A previously released production photo from the set shows how the production crew is able to film stars Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana during underwater motion-capture. They're joined in the film by young actors Jamie Flatters, Britain Dalton, and Trinity Bliss who will fill the roles of their children for the movie.


Avatar 2 is now scheduled to hit theaters on December 16, 2022.