Back to the Future Part II's Fan-Made Quarantine Remake Will Debut Tomorrow

What happens when you give 88 people a week to remake Back to the Future Part II? Well, you can find out tomorrow when Project 88's Back to the Future Too debuts on YouTube. The movie, created by fans and assembled by The Last Blockbuster director Taylor Morden, will have a streaming online premiere on Wednesday, April 8 at 8 p.m. ET. With casts and crew included, Morden told participants on Facebook that over 300 people contributed to Project 88, from 9 different countries (this writer included). He also said that a mutual friend had passed word of the project along to Robert Zemeckis, director of the Back to the Future trilogy.

The project launched on March 19. Morden divided the film up into 88 segments and asked fans to pick one to work on, then gave the crews a week to turn something around -- whether it's live-action, puppets, animation, or something else -- before it was time for him to start editing. Not all of the crews were done within a week, but by the end of March, Morden was already in the middle of putting together most of the scenes. As of last night, he said that he had all of the pieces in place, and just needed to give the film time to render.

"This project went so far beyond my expectations it's crazy!" Morden told "We ended up with over 300 people from 9 countries participating! It has been really amazing piecing it all together and seeing what everyone came up with. But, the best part is hearing how much fun people had working on it. I really hope it's half as fun to watch as it was to make, because people need something fun right now. Being able to help people think about something positive, when everything on the news is so dark, is all I was hoping for, and we more than achieved that!"

With a rapidly-changing cast (given the nature of the project), a franchise like Back to the Future is one of the few ways a project like this could work. Many of the people making the scenes (and watching it once it's finished) are likely to be people who have seen the films over and over again, so as long as the delivery is right, it's unlikely people will be confused about what's going on.


You can check out the official synopsis for the project below, and find more details and behind-the-scenes goodness at the Project 88 website and on Facebook.

Project 88 is a quarantine inspired, fan-made remake of Back to the Future Part 2. It was launched during the Covid19 pandemic of spring 2020 as a creative outlet for people during these challenging times.

The idea was to split the movie into 88 scenes and find people from around the world to recreate those scenes using whatever they had on hand during the various stay-at-home and physical distancing guidelines that were in place at the time. Each team was given 1 week to complete their scene.

We were blown away by the creativity that this spawned! We ended up with over 300 people from 9 different countries contributing to the project! This "movie" contains actors of all ages and experience levels (including some fun cameos from the original actors of Back to the Future 2), puppets, animation, original music, cats, dogs, and even one scene performed entirely by bananas.


The best part of this process is that so many people told us after completing their scenes, that it was the best part of their week, or that it helped them take their minds of all of the craziness that is going in the world for even just a few hours.

We really hope you enjoy the "movie" and that maybe it inspired you to do something fun and creative as well!