New Barbie Trailer Starring Margot Robbie Released

The countdown to Barbie is on, which means it's time for the film's second trailer to be released. The film brings the beloved Barbie franchise to live-action for the first time, with Margot Robbie playing the titular figure and Ryan Gosling portraying her male match in Ken. Fans certainly didn't know what to expect from Barbie's first full trailer when it dropped in April, but it definitely lived up to the hype. As for this newest trailer, there's even more to enjoy and take in as our favorite dolls are brought to life by some of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

The Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie took inspiration from old Hollywood musicals to craft the visual aesthetic of Barbietown, and she previously explained this decision in an interview with Vogue. "They have such a high level of what we came to call authentic artificiality," Gerwig said. "You have a painted sky in a soundstage. Which is an illusion, but it's also really there. The painted backdrop is really there. The tangibility of the artifice is something that we kept going back to." The interview also added how Barbie's director of photography, Rodrigo Prieto, created a special color palette that Gerwig named "Techni-Barbie," further hinting at the film's surreal technicolor influence.

You can find the new trailer for Barbie below:

Barbie Tried to Cast Another DC Actor

While the Barbie movie has Margot Robbie front-and-center as the beloved doll, the project has enlisted an impressive ensemble of performers to deliver a variety of takes on the toy, but Robbie and director Greta Gerwig missed out on getting Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot to offer her take on the figure. Robbie, who starred in DC films Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad, says that Gadot's energy as a person is what made her such a sought-after performer, though now we'll cross our fingers that a sequel could make the casting opportunity possible.

"Gal Gadot is Barbie energy. Because Gal Gadot is so impossibly beautiful, but you don't hate her for being that beautiful, because she's so genuinely sincere, and she's so enthusiastically kind, that it's almost dorky," Robbie shared with Vogue of wanting to cast fellow DC actor. "It's like right before being a dork."

Despite not getting to enlist Gadot, the film is set to feature Issa Rae, Hari Nef, Emma Mackey, Dua Lipa, Sharon Rooney, Ana Cruz Kayne, Alexandra Shipp, Kate McKinnon, and more. 

Barbie is set to land in theaters on July 21st.