Bobbleheads: The Movie Trailer Features Cher as a Guest Star

Universal is beating Warner Brothers to the punch. Before the latter is able to introduce its Funko movie to the masses, Universal is rolling out Bobbleheads: The Movie on home media and streaming VOD this December — and with it, the studio is bringing some pretty serious firepower with its voice cast. As revealed in the movie's first trailer Friday afternoon, Cher is arguably the biggest name attached to the project as she plays a toy based on herself.

Other voice actors include Karen Fukuhara (The Boys), Brenda Song (Dollface), Khary Peyton (The Walking Dead), Julian Sands (Warlock), Luke Wilson (Stargirl), and Jennifer Coolidge (Legally Blonde).

The movie is set for release on December 8th and will be available digitally, on Blu-Ray/DVD, and on select on-demand services. Universal already has a deal with Netflix to carry the film at a later date as well. A synopsis for the feature can be found below.

"Three Bobblehead figures must work with a new Bobblehead (Deuce) who is brought in to the mix to oust intruder relatives from a family's home before they steal one of the Bobbles for themselves."


Bobbleheads, of course, served as the initial inspiration for the wildly popular Funko POP! line before the company branched off into a wide variety of vinyl toys and collectibles. Last September, Warner Brothers announced it had partnered with the company to bring forth a movie featuring some of the licenses the company uses for its toys, including Marvel and DC.

"We're thrilled for this opportunity and are committed to make an amazing Funko movie that stands on its own merit," said Funko CEO Brian Mariotti. "This isn't about selling toys or building a brand. The team at Warner Animation Group have a unique vision of what the first film should be and we are extremely excited to take this journey alongside them."