'Bright' Reportedly Left 60 People Out of Its Credits

Like all films, Netflix's Bright was made with the hard work of many creative professionals not just on screen but off and for most films, those professionals are acknowledged for their hard work in the film's credit. Now, however, a new report indicates that Bright may not have credited 60 people for their work on the film.

Over the weekend studioADI, the company responsible for Bright's elaborate makeup and mask effects, issued a statement indicating that an entire crew of makeup professionals had been omitted from the film's cast and crew list.

"On rare occasion unintentional credit omissions are made," the studioADI statement read. "When you see those never-ending lists of crew in the credits of a movie like Bright you can be guaranteed that mistakes are going to be made. That's what happened to us. Our entire crew was left out of the credits."

The statement went on to explain that studioADI was working with Netflix to correct the omission and, in the meantime, went on to name every person on their team who was not credited in the film (you can check that list out here.) And while the statement acknowledges that there are bound to be omissions on any large film, considering how integral makeup and masks are for Bright it's a little puzzling as to how the entire team of artists would be skipped. After all, the film takes place in a modern-day world where races like orcs, elves, centaurs, dragons, and even fairies live among human beings and makeup artistry plays a major role in bringing those unique, fairy tale-esque characters to life. Beyond that, the work of those artists have led Bright to make the shortlist for the Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, making the lack of credit a little more difficult to take.

And even though Netflix didn't get the credits quite right on Bright, their first attempt making a blockbuster, they will have another chance to improve upon their mistakes. A sequel to the David Ayer film has already been greenlit with star Will Smith set to return.


Bright is now streaming on Netflix.

[ H/T: CinemaBlend ]