Chris Hemsworth Confirms Extraction 2 Shoots Soon for Netflix

Chris Hemsworth is in fighting shape for Extraction 2, the sequel soon shooting for Netflix. The streamer confirmed Hemsworth's return with a first teaser aired during the TUDUM online event in September, showing Hemsworth's black-ops mercenary Tyler Rake surfacing from a river with the hashtag #RakeLives. The sequel, again scripted by Joe Russo, comes after the Sam Hargrave-directed action-thriller became the most-watched Netflix movie at the time of its release in April 2020. Ahead of a late fall shooting start on Extraction 2, the Thor and Avengers star took to Instagram to reveal the latest look at his intense training: 

"Six weeks out from shooting on Extraction 2 feelin good and ready," Hemsworth wrote with the latest look at his Tyler Rake workout routine.

"The mission is to up the scale on this one, both emotionally and physically," Russo previously teased about Extraction 2. 99 million households streamed the original movie in its first four weeks, according to Netflix. 

Last May, the Avengers: Endgame director said the sequel had yet to commit to whether Extraction 2 "goes forward or backward in time," telling Deadline: "We left a big loose ending [in the first movie] that leaves question marks for the audience."

But #RakeLives and Hemsworth is back for another mission after putting his life on the line to protect Ovi Mahajan (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), the son of an Indian crime lord.

"To have this be my first directing job and to have audiences receive it so positively and have the feedback be so seemingly heartfelt and overwhelmingly positive is a dream come true," stuntman and filmmaker Hargrave previously told EW about the blockbuster success of Extraction. "You imagine, hopefully, when you make a movie, people don't hate it, but for it to be viewed as often and by as many people as this one has is kind of hard to believe. I still pinch myself. Looking back, it's like, 'Wow, we made a movie that we set out to make and that people really enjoyed it and it does feel good.'"

"That's why I'm in the business. I think the biggest compliment is passing someone on the street and if they know you made the movie they're like, 'Oh, I watched that five times,'" Hargrave added. "As a film director, you can't ask for much more than that."

Netflix has not set a streaming date for Extraction 2. The sequel begins filming in six weeks.