Chris Hemsworth Reveals Intense Training For Netflix's Extraction Sequel: "Let The Lungs Scream For Mercy"

Chris Hemsworth won't get much of a break after his intense training for Marvel's upcoming film Thor: Love & Thunder. In a new Instagram post, Hemsworth shared a video of himself doing yet another intense workout regiment, in preparation for his next film, the sequel to Netflix's Extraction. In the 2020 action flick, Hemsworth played Tyler Rake, a black-ops mercenary with some serious issues, who nonetheless kicks some serious butt in order to save a young boy in his charge (the son of an Indian drug lord) from some violent criminals. Well, from the look of things, Hemsworth has even more physically-demanding action in store for Extraction 2

In the video, Chris Hemsworth shows off just how proficient he is at boxing, squats, Ginga kicks, martial arts core and push-ups, just for good measure. Needless to say, he looks like a Greek God the entire time he's working out - which is just on-brand for Chris Hemsworth, at this point. No "Fat Thor" here. 

As stated, Chris Hemsworth has been on a fairly intense path of fitness training these last few years. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, plans for Marvel Studios and director Taika Waititi to shoot Thor 4 had to be pushed back a good long while from its original March 2020 pre-production and August 2020 filming start. That meant that Chris Hemsworth (like other major superhero leading men of the moment) had to maintain his lean, mean, physique (or at least pull it back together) to be ready for the revised start of filming on January 2021. In that context, it's totally understandable why Hemsworth would want to just keep the momentum going and take his already cut body and simply tweak from a beefier Thor look to a leaner, grittier, physicality of Extraction's Tyler Rake. Chris Hemsworth indicated as much in his caption for the video: 

"Gearing up for @netflix Extraction sequel. Transitioning from heavy weight training to a lot more body weight functional movements concentrating on agility, strength and speed.

Give this little work out a go and let the lungs scream for mercy! @centrfit


3 minute boxing round (cardio)
50 squats (lower body)
40 sit thrus (mobility)
20 reps for each (core)exercise
25 push ups (upper body)
Rest 2 minutes 4 sets in total"

In the first Extraction, director Sam Hargrave thrilled Netflix users with sharply planned, executed, and shot action sequences. There were quite a few unique long-take sequences that required some intricate choreography and gnarly stuntwork. It was enough to not only make Extraction a major hit for Netflix (a record-setting 99 million household views in the first month!) it was also enough of an action signature to help distinguish Extraction and Tyler Rake as a legitimate franchise.  


Netflix's Extraction sequel does not yet have a release date.