The Dune Funko Pops Must Flow


Funko is paying homage to Frank Herbert's Dune with two Pop figures from the cult classic 1984 film adaptation directed by David Lynch. The collection includes Paul Atreides (Kyle MacLachlan) and Feyd-Rautha Harkonnen (Sting).

Both of the Dune Funko Pops will be available to pre-order right here at some point today, October 18th. Inside that link you'll also find a listing for Entertainment Earth's New York Comic-Con 2019 scantily clad Feyd-Rautha Pop figure exclusive, which sold out but can still be acquired here on eBay.


In other Funko news, a very special Marvel Pop figure featuring Thanos in mid-Snap! was released yesterday. It's based on the comics version of the Snap, not one from Avengers: Infinity War or Endgame. That's a good thing in our opinion, since we've seen all of the movie Thanos Pop figures we can handle.

The figure is a Previews Exclusive which means it's a limited edition reserved for comics shops and specialty retailers. If you want to take the rarity up a notch, you can get the figure as part of a collector's bundle that includes a Funko Thanos variant cover of Guardians of the Galaxy #12 (pictured below). You can pre-order the standalone Thanos Pop figure here for $28.99. The 3-Pop bundle with the variant comic can be pre-ordered here for $89.99 both are expected to ship in March.


Despite the price, the bundle with the comic will be the first to go, so jump on it while you can. When the standalone Pop and the comic variant sell out, odds are you'll be able to find them here on eBay.

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