Michael Pena Cast as Mr. Roarke in 'Fantasy Island' Movie

Marvel’s Ant-Man star Michael Pena is headed to Fantasy Island.

Deadline reports that Pena has been cast as Mr. Roarke, the iconic character from the original Fantasy Island television series, in Blumhouse and Sony Pictures’ film adaptation of the property.

Jeff Wadlow (Truth or Dare) is attached to direct.

The late Ricardo Montalban, also known for playing Khan Noonien Singh in the Star Trek franchise, originated the role of Mr. Roarke in the television series, which was created by Gene Levitt and produced by Aaron Spelling and ran on ABC from 1978 to 1984.

Mr. Roarke was the mysterious host at the titular island, joined by his assistant Tattoo (originally played by Herve Villechaize). Mr. Roarke would grant the visitors to his island their fantasies, but always at a cost, giving the series a dark fantasy tone.

Wadlow co-wrote the screenplay for Fantasy Island with Chris Roach and Jillian Jacobs, who wrote the script for Truth or Dare. Jason Blum and Ryan Turek are producing, with Wadlow and Blumhouse’s Couper Samuelson serving as executive producers. Sony is the holds the rights and will distribute the film.

Pena has been busy in 2018, appearing in A Wrinkle in Time and Ant-Man and the Wasp as well as in the Netflix movie Extinction. He set to co-star alongside Clint Eastwood and Bradley Cooper in the upcoming Warner Bros. film The Mule and will appear in the fourth season of Netflix’s Narcos. He’s currently filming the Dora the Explorer live-action movie for Paramount, where he plays Dora’s father.

As for whether he’ll return to Luis for another Ant-Man movie, he’s not sure he’ll have the chance.

"I read some of those things. And it says I 'hint at an Ant-Man 3.' I have no idea," said Peña while speaking with USA Today. "If there is an Ant-Man 3, it would be great to be in it. That’s all I said."

That said, he’d love to get to play off of Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.


"I don’t work at Marvel. I’m not part of the studio. And I don’t have the money to fund the movie. I wish I had $150 million around, you know," Peña said. "It's like, one of the supporting [Ant-Man] characters would say, 'Yup, there’s going to be a third (movie).' Like I have the information, more than Kevin (Feige). That would be really, really funny."

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