Fast X: Fast & Furious 10 Logo Revealed By Vin Diesel

Fast X has a brand new logo and Vin Diesel just revealed it on Instagram. Social media is absolutely buzzing about the upcoming film. The series star has been hyping this entry and the scope has been hinted to stretch beyond our world. In fact, the murmurs about space keep getting louder and louder. Check out the brand new logo right here.

Previously, Diesel introduced Brie Larson's presence in the franchise on Instagram, "Clearly there is love and laughter in this image. What you don't see, however, is the character you will be introduced to in Fast 10. You have no idea how timeless and amazing she will be in our mythology. Beyond her beauty, her intellect… her Oscar, haha is this profound soul who will add something you might not have expected but yearned for. Welcome to the FAMILY Brie."

Speaking with, the Fast star also revealed that the movies would be filming back to back. "It is back-to-back," Diesel said. "The target release date is 02/23 for the first one and 02/24 for the second one. We were supposed to release this movie last year, prior to the pandemic. So I guess what's different about this release is that we're a year into development and pre-production on Fast 10. And so I'm doing these interviews and it's bizarre because I have to go back to Fast 9. I'm celebrating the release of Fast 9, but I have so much more to celebrate."

For those looking for more answers about what's coming next, the action staple explained that the secrets would be revealed and the mythology would be completed. 

"Good morning planet… I know I haven't posted in a minute, when people in the world suffer I tend to pull back from the shallow acts of social media," Diesel began. "However, I know there are many of you who really sincerely wait to hear from me and to know where my state of mind lies. I am approaching the finale of the first saga… that is Fast. It is very intense, although god has brought such incredible talent to assist me in completing this mythology, I can't help but to reminisce… you all have been a part of this journey." 

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