Frozen 2 Director Teases Secrets Hidden in the Poster

Neil deGrasse Tyson made waves once again in recent weeks by taking to Twitter to call out [...]

Neil deGrasse Tyson made waves once again in recent weeks by taking to Twitter to call out Disney's Frozen 2 for a "mistake" in its poster. He claimed that, since the new snowflake in the teaser image only had four points and not six, it wasn't an accurate depiction of a snowflake. This was mostly met with fans wondering why an animated film needed accurate snowflakes, but as it turns out, he may have actually been onto something.

Frozen 2 director and head of Disney Animation Jennifer Lee quoted Tyson's initial tweet and shared a message of her own, teasing that what we're seeing in the poster might not be a snowflake after all.

"Respectfully, he is right, which can't be a snowflake," Lee wrote in her tweet.

With that in mind, not everything in the Frozen 2 posters and trailers is as it seems. We know that there is powerful magic at play in this movie, it will explore the origins of Elsa's powers and lead to the discovery of other beings with similar talents. Not to mention there's an magical underwater horse creature that has yet to be explained.

There's a lot going in Frozen 2, and Lee's comments make it clear that we don't have the slightest understanding of what's to come. If this isn't a snowflake, what is it? Did it come from Elsa or someone else? Does it actually do anything besides cause scientific discourse on Twitter? At this point, there's no telling.

Fortunately, we don't have to wait too long to find out what secrets are being kept by the Frozen team. The film hits theaters in November, capping off the six-year-wait since the debut of the original Frozen. Lee directs with Chris Buck, with a script from Allison Schroeder.

What do you think the object in the Frozen 2 poster is if it isn't a snowflake? What sort of secrets are going to be uncovered in the movie? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Frozen 2 arrives in theaters on November 22nd.