Halloween Kills Rumor Claims Dr. Loomis Could Return

The 2018 Halloween brought back a number of cast and crew from the 1978 original, with a new rumor [...]

The 2018 Halloween brought back a number of cast and crew from the 1978 original, with a new rumor claiming that the upcoming Halloween Kills could see the return of Dr. Loomis in the form of a flashback. While Jamie Lee Curtis might be the most well-known component of the series, actor Donald Pleasence starred in just as many entries into the series as Curtis, though the actor passed away back in 1995 and her upcoming appearances will see her surpassing his tenure. Despite Loomis' passing, a tape recording of the character still allowed for him to have vocal cameo in the 2018 film.

The rumor comes from Dark Universe, who claims one of their sources revealed a flashback scene to 1978 in the sequel. However, given the way Loomis creatively had a "cameo" in the last Halloween, it's unclear if Loomis will be a prominent figure in Michael Myers' character development, as we saw in the Rob Zombie Halloween remakes, or if he'll merely have a physical presence in the project, potentially without a reveal of his face.

The 2018 Halloween was the 11th film in the franchise, but given the number of lackluster sequels in the series, the narrative avoided the events of all films other than the original. Part of the film's attempts to get back to the basics saw the return not only of Curtis, but also original director and co-writer John Carpenter to serve as a producer and composer, in addition to the return of Nick Castle in a cameo, who performed a majority of the masked Michael Myers' presence in the debut film. With Halloween Kills, even more members of the original cast are returning.

Halloween Kills will also see the return of Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, who Curtis' Laurie Strode was watching over on Halloween night in the original film, marking her first return to the series in more than 40 years. Nurse Marion is also set to return, who appeared in the original film's opening sequence when it was discovered that Michael Myers had escaped a mental institution, once again played by Nancy Stephens.

Also returning for the new film is Charles Cyphers, who played Haddonfield sheriff Leigh Brackett.

The new film will bring with it an appearance from Tommy Doyle, who was also being watched over by Laurie, though Anthony Michael Hall is taking over the role.

Halloween Kills lands in theaters on October 16th and Halloween Ends lands in theaters on October 15, 2021.

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