Halo's Master Chief Actor Pablo Schreiber Confirms Wolverine Talks With Marvel

Pablo Schreiber reveals he's had talks with Marvel and "flirted with" taking over the X-Men's Wolverine from Hugh Jackman. The American Gods and Orange Is the New Black actor, who is now starring as Master Chief on Paramount+'s Halo, told ComicBook in 2017 he hoped to reboot Marvel's metal-clawed mutant after Jackman's swan song in X-Men spinoff Logan. In a new interview on the Bingeworthy podcast, Schreiber says he's "open" to joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe as producer Kevin Feige prepares an expected reboot of Fox's X-Men movies-verse.

"Yeah. You know I've seen [fancast] things pop up a lot. I've had a bunch of discussions with Marvel at different points in my career," Schreiber said. "We've never been able to find the right thing at the right time, but I'd certainly be open to that. But, yeah, it's just staying open to the right path and I don't know exactly what that is, but I'll know it when I see it."

Asked about playing Canadian mutant Wolverine, the Canadian-American actor said "we flirted with that one for a while."

"That'd be fantastic, that would certainly be a dream casting. He's actually my favorite hero, from a child he was always my favorite comic book," Schreiber said. "So I've had a long flirtation with that guy, so you know, obviously, that'd be a dream." 

In 2017, Schreiber told ComicBook he was a childhood fan of Marvel's Wolverine and Daredevil, played by Charlie Cox in the MCU. "Those are my two favorite guys and I would jump at the chance to play either one of them in a second," Schreiber said. "And you know I think Hugh is done now with Wolverine, so maybe it's time for a reboot. Maybe it's time for a new Wolverine."

Feige last year denied rumors Marvel Studios had cast its Wolverine, replacing Jackman. The Australian actor, who played the character across nine X-Men films between 2000 and 2017, has confirmed he's moved on from his Marvel role

"[When making Logan], I thought, 'This is it.' And that really helped me, it really helped knowing I was going into my last season, that it was my last season that I made the most of it," Jackman said in an interview last year. "And it's still a character I hold close to my heart. But I know it's done." 

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