'Hellboy' Star Doug Jones Turned Down Role in Reboot

Despite being offered a role, Doug Jones won't be appearing in the Hellboy reboot come April. In an interview with THR, the actor confirmed he was too busy with other projects to take on a smaller role in Lionsgate's relaunch of the Hellboy franchise.

Jones admitted he was far too involved with Star Trek: Discovery to take a pause.

"There was a chance that a cameo might have happened, but not as things progressed," the actor said. "Reboot means recasting, and I'm told this first reboot does not have anybody in it from the original film. I received an offer to do a cameo, but I was deeply immersed in Star Trek: Discovery when that offer came in, so I couldn't do it."

The actor played Abe Sapien in Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army in addition to providing the voice for the character in both straight-to-video Hellboy animated films set between the live-action films. Though the latest Hellboy flick has been confirmed as a reboot for the franchise — with Stranger Things star David Harbour in the lead role — Jones was likely offered the role of a minor motion-capture character as a nod to his previously roles.

Jones currently plays the alien Saru on Star Trek: Discovery. Speaking with ComicBook.com, Jones teased a bright future for Saru, one that might include the character taking up the captain's chair for good.

"Well, I think social media has been a blessing and a curse, of course, to all of us," Jones said. "The blessing part of it, though, is that so many fans have been able to say to me directly that they're rooting for Saru to be in the captain's chair one day. They love it when he takes the captain's chair, and they love the outcome and how he's been stepped up and taken the challenge."

"Even with Capt. Pike on board now for this season, we have him temporarily. He's got to get back to the Enterprise at some point. So that's the big question that remains. When we do lose Captain Pike back to the Enterprise, what happens on our ship? Who's going to be in charge, and what rank happens?" the actor continued.

Were you hoping to see Jones appear in the Hellboy reboot? Do you think he'll be in any future iterations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or join the conversation online by hitting me up on Twitter at @AdamBarnhardt!



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