Ron Perlman "At Peace" About New Hellboy Movie

Hellboy may have moved on without Ron Perlman, but it seems like Perlman himself has moved on from [...]

Hellboy may have moved on without Ron Perlman, but it seems like Perlman himself has moved on from Hellboy.

Perlman, who starred as the character in two feature films as well as lent his voice to multiple animated adventures opened up to Aintitcool about the upcoming reboot film among other topics and revealed that he is "pretty much at peace" with things now.

"Well I'm pretty much at peace with what we were able to accomplish with two films and I'm also very much at peace with we put up as noble a fight as we could to complete the trilogy," Perlman said. "But it wasn't to be. I have completely moved on and what happens in the future in regard to that title is really none of my business."

While Perlman has previously said that the Hellboy reboot is something of an "open wound" for him, these current comments are very much in line with what he's said before about fighting to complete the trilogy. Perlman has said in the past that he spent time "poking and prodding the bear in an attempt to get a third film made. It was those efforts that, Perlman told Collider recently left him disappointed that fans weren't going to get to see director Guillermo del Toro's last chapter.

"I never thought it was going through, but I did know that Guillermo had an amazing idea of how to close the trilogy," Perlman said. "It was theatrically so dynamic. If you were a fan of the first two Hellboys, not only were you going to have the top of your head blown off by how it resolved, but you were going to get the payoff in the investment because it was always designed to be a trilogy."

Despite being designed as a trilogy, Hellboy 3 just wasn't meant to be. The first two installments, Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army, both were hits with fans but failed to find mainstream success in the same way that films like X-Men and Spider-Man did. When negotiations for Hellboy 3 fell apart, the trilogy plans were scrapped to head in the direction of a full reboot of the franchise, with Stranger Things star David Harbour stepping into the iconic role for the Neil Marshall directed film. Perlman has been clear that he has had no involvement with the project at any sort of collaborative level, though according to Harbour, Perlman has been very kind to him about the situation.

"I think that the one thing that's a little weird is everybody now asks him about it and I think he's annoyed at that," Harbour shared in an interview this summer. "So he's said some things about it on Twitter where he's just like, 'Just don't ask me anymore,' and I think it's...don't ask him anymore. He likes me, he was very kind to me, and he was like, 'Good luck, kid.'"

Hellboy opens in theaters on April 12, 2019.

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