Box Office Flop Hellboy Already Being Released on Amazon Prime Video

UPDATE: Amazon Prime Video has told the following, 'Hellboy (2019) is not available [...]

UPDATE: Amazon Prime Video has told the following, "Hellboy (2019) is not available for streaming on July 23, but is actually available on Prime Video for purchase on July 9 and for rental on July 23." The initial article as it was initially published is below.

Neil Marshall's Hellboy reboot may be coming to streaming services quicker than expected. In a new report from TV Line earlier today, it was mentioned the reboot starring Stranger Things star David Harbour, Daniel Dae Kim, and company would be available for streaming through Amazon Prime Video beginning July 23rd, just three months after the film hit theaters. If you're a fan of waiting for films to hit streaming before watching them, you'd recognize this as an incredibly fast-paced move as movies typically take upwards of a year after their release to hit streaming services, if at all.

It should be noted that sometime after TV Line's initial report, MovieWeb offered an update that said while Hellboy won't be included in the free streaming plan on the 23rd, rather it will be available as a paid rental through the service the same day as physical copies of the film hit stores. That's still relatively early as some distributors give as much room to their home media release to breathe as possible.

In comparison, let's look at another genre film — Black Panther, for example. The Marvel Studios blockbuster entered theaters February 16, 2018 and was released on home media May 15th of the same year. It didn't hit a streaming service — in this case, Netflix — until September 4, 2018.

After receiving a poor critical response, the film tanked at the box office, grossing just $21.9 million domestically. On top of that, data from Box Office Mojo shows the flick ended up earning nearly an additional $23m internationally for a total of around $45m, still short of the film's reported production budget of $50m — a number which doesn't include a pretty extensive advertising and publicity budget. has reached out to both Amazon Prime Video and Lionsgate Entertainment for comment, which was unavailable by press time.

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Hellboy is being released digitally July 9th ahead of a home media release on July 23rd.