Simon Pegg Weighs in on Possibility of Hot Fuzz Sequel

Edgar Wright's Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy might have concluded in 2013 with The World's End, but fans are just as passionate about the films as ever, with star Simon Pegg hinting that, while there aren't any actual plans to deliver a sequel to any installments, he thinks Hot Fuzz lends itself best to a potential sequel, as he even teased what the film would possibly explore. The actor also teased that he and Wright had toyed with the idea of developing a spinoff from Hot Fuzz that would potentially allow the film's adventures to continue without breaking from the official trilogy concluding.

"I think it's the one film out of those three movies that lends itself to a sequel, in that, those kind of buddy-cop action movies often were sequelized," Pegg shared with MovieWeb. "We already joked about having a Crocodile Dundee reversal of it being Danny in the city... The hypothetical sequel would be Danny and Angel in the big city together. We also had an idea for a spinoff with the Andys, with Paddy [Considine] and Rafe [Spall]."

He added, "But I don't know. Edgar and I, when we've done something, we want to move onto the next thing. All of those films, they have an arc and then they finish... We made Shaun of the Dead, and the sequel to that film is Hot Fuzz, and the sequel to Hot Fuzz is The World's End. They're a thematic trilogy rather than direct sequels. I'd love to play Nicholas Angel again, that was fun. I'm probably too old now."

The pair's first film together, Shaun of the Dead, quickly earned a passionate following and, given that it focused on zombies overtaking the world, fans had assumed it would be most likely to get a sequel. Much like talk of a Hot Fuzz sequel, Wright, Pegg, and co-star Nick Frost have often joked about having plans for a Shaun sequel, while also noting that it was nothing more than a hypothetical.

Pegg went on to point out that he felt as though Hot Fuzz was the film in the series that lent itself best to a sequel.

"Hot Fuzz is an origin story, ultimately," the actor admitted. "They don't become Hot Fuzz until the last 20 minutes of the film. So, really, the film is setting up for further adventures. We just never filmed them."


Stay tuned for details on the possible future of the Three Flavors Cornetto Trilogy.

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