Indiana Jones Land May Be Coming to Disney World's Hollywood Studios

It looks as though Walt Disney World is going all in on the Indiana Jones property, with several attractions based on Harrison Ford's iconic character set to be unveiled over the next few years.

According to Orlando Weekly, all three non-Magic Kingdom parks in Walt Disney World (Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios) could get an Indiana Jones addition in the somewhat near future. Of the three of them, it sounds like Hollywood Studios, the park that has long had an Indiana Jones presence, could be seeing the biggest expansion.

Hollywood Studios has struggled with attendance over the past several years, and the first step toward helping that problem was the unveiling of Toy Story Land earlier this year. The park is also rolling out the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge land sometime soon, but more properties are needed to truly transform Hollywood Studios as a whole. This includes additions of Pixar franchises like Monsters, Inc. and The Incredibles, as well as Indiana Jones.

The report from Orlando Weekly suggests that the area surrounding the current Indiana Jones live show will be transformed into a more interactive section of the park, spanning around eight acres. The new land would feature several different attractions, including a signature E-Ticket style ride. This signature attraction will reportedly be an indoor family ride, though no specifics have been revealed.

In addition to the Hollywood Studios expansion, Disney also has talked about plans to place the character in other Orlando parks.

The proposal to put Indiana Jones at Epcot focused on introducing the character in the new Brazil or India pavilions, and adding him to an already existing boat ride. However, it seems as though those two proposals have already been shot down, leaving the chances of Indiana Jones in Epcot pretty slim.

Animal Kingdom also saw plans of Indiana Jones being introduced in an overhaul of the current Dinoland area and Dinosaur rides. The introduction of Indiana to these attractions didn't seem to sit well with park-goers though, and it looks like that plan may be on the back-burner for now.


At this time, it looks as though Hollywood Studios is the safest bet for an Indiana Jones addition, though there is no timetable for when we could see those updates come to life.

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