James Bond 25 Set Photos Reveal Terrifying New Mystery Villain

Production on Bond 25 is officially underway, and today some new photos taken of the set reveal [...]

Production on Bond 25 is officially underway, and today some new photos taken of the set reveal our first look at a new villain character, who sure does look like he's going to be one of the more freaky Bond villains we've ever seen. Of course, given the particular visual design the Bond 25 team is going with, we're also in for quite a few Phantom of the Opera comparisons as this movie heads to theaters!

Take a look at the gallery of photos, courtesy of Daily Express:

The scene taking place in the photos is described as being a chase where a young girl is "running away from a house while the unnerving masked man limps behind her."

"At one point she stands on what seems to resemble a sheet of ice, before falling down - perhaps the point at which VFX could be used to have her disappear underwater. The presumed villain is then seen shooting at the floor and bending down - indicating he could try saving her, despite earlier giving chase. Full casting for the new movie has not yet been revealed, so it's unclear who is playing the masked man and who is playing the child."

It's made clear that the mask and actor could be some kind of stand-in for another actor/character - and that it is definitely not Rami Malek, who has signed on to be Bond 25's villain. Still, we're kind of hoping this sequence and masked character are what they appear to be; a masked hitman who stalks down children sounds plenty scary - a much needed shot of menace to the Bond henchman role.

It does bear mentioning that when Malek was first announced to be in negotiations for Bond 25, it was rumored that his character could be a blind man; what we see in the set photos seems like it could be some version of that - or perhaps this blind villain's one-eyed henchman. Not at all a confirmation of any kind, but interesting to note...

So far, we have rumor that Bond 25 is titled Eclipse, In addition to Daniel Craig, Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Lea Seydoux, and Ralph Fiennes are all reprising their roles form previous films. True Detective's Cary Fukunaga is taking the director's chair over from Sam Mendes, with Scott Z. Burns (Contagion) rewriting the script that Fukunaga turned in.

Bond 25 hits theaters on April 8, 2020. For a recap viewing of the series, Netflix has added almost every Bond film from Dr. No (1962) to Spectre (2015).


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