James McAvoy Reprises His 'Narnia' Role as Mr. Tumnus in 'Saturday Night Live' Parody

James McAvoy reprised his role as Mr. Tumnus from The Chronicles of Narnia for last night’s [...]

James McAvoy reprised his role as Mr. Tumnus from The Chronicles of Narnia for last night's episode of Saturday Night Live.

The sketch is "The Chronicles of Narnia: Return to Narnia." Several women who developed a crush Tumnus after seeing the Narnia movies travel to Narnia. They are seeking an intimate relationship with Tumnus. This leads to an awkward conversation, with Tumnus revealing that he gets lots of these kinds of visitors. They tend to be "lazy Hermione" types who find him attractive. Unfortunately for the women, Tumnus is in a relationship. Edmund Pevensie, one of the children who discovered Narnia in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, is his boyfriend.

You can watch the full sketch above.

McAvoy played Mr. Tumnus in Walt Disney Pictures' The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe in 2005. It was one of his first high profile acting jobs. Based on CS Lewis' classic fantasy series, the film made $745 million worldwide. The film was followed by two sequels, Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

There were plans for a fourth film, The Silver Chair, but rights issues slowed the development process. The C.S. Lewis Company in October announced an agreement with Netflix to produce new Narnia films and television series. This is the first time that the rights to all seven Chronicles of Narnia books have rested with one rightsholder.

"C.S. Lewis' beloved Chronicles of Narnia stories have resonated with generations of readers around the world," said Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer, Netflix in a press release when the deal was announced. "Families have fallen in love with characters like Aslan and the entire world of Narnia, and we're thrilled to be their home for years to come."

"It is wonderful to know that folks from all over are looking forward to seeing more of Narnia, and that the advances in production and distribution technology have made it possible for us to make Narnian adventures come to life all over the world," said Douglas Gresham, stepson of C.S. Lewis. "Netflix seems to be the very best medium with which to achieve this aim, and I am looking forward to working with them towards this goal."

"Narnia is one of those rare properties that spans multiple generations and geographies," said Mark Gordon, eOne's President and Chief Content Officer, Film & Television. "eOne and I are excited to be collaborating with The C.S. Lewis Company and Netflix who have the capacity to translate the Narnia universe into both stellar feature-length and episodic programming. We cannot wait to get started on the multiple productions we hope to undertake."

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