Watch Jeff Goldblum Read Hysterical Thirst Tweets

Throughout the '80s and '90s, actor Jeff Goldblum became an unconventional heartthrob thanks to roles in films like The Fly, Jurassic Park, and Independence Day. As the years go by, Goldblum's eccentric performances and unique cadence has only made his sex appeal increase, with the actor still able to send hearts aflutter in his 60s. Working with BuzzFeed, Goldblum recited some of the most scandalous tweets about what social media users really thought of the actor.

After reading the tweet, "I would let Jeff Goldblum [redacted] my [redacted]," the actor joked, "You have to fill in your own redactions, but I'm thinking of something. Wow. Jeez."

The actor, who doesn't often use any form of social media, became perplexed by certain users' incorporation of social media vernacular. When one user tweeted, "The word daddy was made to be used on Jeff Goldblum and him alone, don't @ me," the actor had to ask the BuzzFeed team what the symbol meant in this context. After learning that this means the user refused to have their thoughts called into question, Goldblum shared, "I accept it."

Another user tweeted, "Why is Jeff Goldblum so attractive? He's 30 or so years older than me and I'm a lesbian but he gets me hot n bothered," while also including the trademark symbol. Goldblum once again turned to the BuzzFeed crew to question why the trademark symbol was included,but opted to not wait for an answer before moving on.

The actor has been a staple of pop culture for multiple decades, yet 2017 saw one of his biggest successes with Thor: Ragnarok in which he starred as The Grandmaster. The film, which leaned far more heavily into the comedic elements of Thor, offered the perfect opportunity for Goldblum to show off his wit and charm, as his character seemed to be the public persona he's crafted over the years as opposed to an all-new character.

Thanks to Funko, fans will be able to take a shirtless Goldblum into their home as they have created a figure honoring the actor's brief shirtless scene from Jurassic Park that will be available exclusively through Target.

Thor: Ragnarok is available on Blu-ray now.


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